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I am always looking for less toxic products. After researching the ingredients on so many "natural" or "organic" products that I already owned, I was really shocked to find out what was in them. Many of them that were certified organic by USDA contained known carcinogens as well as other nasty chemicals. I

We liked that it is organic so that when we clean our boat no nasty chemicals would compromise the lake water.
We have also used it on the inside of our cottage. Judging by the versatility & results, I would definitely recommend this product

Our family is moving to buying and using more organic and all-natural products. We have a cottage on an inland lake and we are pretty conscious of the cleaning products we use and how it impacts the lake. This is a very good soap. Not only do we use it in the sink for dishes, we also use it in the dishwasher as recommended on the bottle. Really pleased with the list of organic ingredients. Nothing toxic.