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Tangerine Clean 100% Organic All Purpose Cleaner 1 Month Supply (8oz)

$19.97 $24.99

🍃 An all Natural, Eco Safe and 100% Organic. Original clear cleaning formula with a fresh tangerine fragrance. Cuts through tough grease and oil without leaving residue on counter-tops, floors, appliances and windows and is soft on hands. Better for your kitchen and your kids and your home! ph balanced to clean all of the items your child comes into contact.

🍃 Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner for the entire home and more! Use a 20:1 ratio for normal everyday cleaning and a 10:1 ratio for the touch stains and deep cleaning. Less is More! Waste Less, Save More!

🍃 Cruelty Free: Never tested on animals! Our plant based formula is 100% green, biodegradable phosphate free and non toxic.

🍃 ZERO Toxins: While the other companies claim their organic dish soap is free from harmful and harsh chemical ingredients, you’ll want to fact check that because to date, True Green Organics Tangerine Clean is the ONLY All - Purpose Cleaner made from all natural ingredients with zero toxins PLUS save you a ton of money because this concentrated formula can be used for everything!